Scarface being Scarface

Scarface is one of the senior members of Clan [EvL], being with us since the beginning, and to quote the man himself: "Being one of the few Linux users in Clan [EvL] besides Basscomm and Jevig, I also reside as Master of Clan [EvL] server (which is being upgraded!) which runs various games of UT, UT2k3, and any Variant of Half-Life. Known for playing any 1st person shooter, I may be a wimp but I will surprise you!!

My personnal machine has the following: Athlon XP 2500+ (Barton Core), Asus A7N8X Deluxe (nForce2), 1GB of PC2700 memory (crucial), MSI GeForce 4 4800 w/ 128 MB of DDR memory, 10GB for Windows XP and 120GB for everything else, and the other typical stuff.... CD-RW, DVD, and so on"

Favorite Games: UT and UT2k3, D&D, Half-Life, Warcraft III, Final Fantasy Serie and the best for last being "Super Smash Brothers Melee".
Least Favorite Games: Anything with cheap sound and crappy graphics
Personal Quote: The Biggest Bug in Windows is Windows itself!
Personal Links: http://crummysocks.com/clanevl/links.html